Top 5 Gyms of All Time in America

The best gym membership should suit your budget, needs and preferences. Today we will discuss about Top 5 Gyms of All Time in America.

Top 5 Gyms of All Time in America

Top 5 Gyms of All Time in America

1: LA Fitness.

LA Fitness (doing business as LA Fitness International LLC) is an American gym chain with over 700 clubs in the United States and Canada. The company was founded in 1984 and is based in Irvine, California.

LA Fitness was established in 1984 in Los Angeles, California by founders Chinyeol Yee and Louis Welch. By the mid-1990s, the company expanded by acquiring underperforming fitness clubs in Southern California and developing, opening and operating newly constructed properties.

2: Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness (PFIP LLC) is an American franchisor and operator of fitness centers based in Hampton, New Hampshire. The company reports that it has 2,039 clubs, making it one of the largest fitness club franchises by number of members and locations.

Franchise locations are in the United States, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Mexico, and Australia. In 1992, Planet Fitness founders Michael and Mark Grondahl acquired a struggling Gold’s Gym franchise in Dover, New Hampshire. He eventually closed that original location, opened a gym called Coastal Fitness, and brought on a third partner, current CEO Chris Rondo. In 2002, he bought the rights to the Planet Fitness name from Rick Burks and renamed his franchise.

3: Crunch.

The crunch is an abdominal exercise that works the rectus abdominis muscle, enabling it to both build “six-pack” abs and tighten the abdomen.

Crunches use the exerciser’s own body weight to tone muscles and are recommended by some experts as a low-cost exercise that can be performed at home, despite negative research results. According to usa786com, such as Canadian biomechanics researcher Stuart McGill, crunches may be less effective than other exercises such as planks.

4: Anytime Fitness.

Anytime Fitness is a franchise of 24-hour health and fitness clubs headquartered in Woodbury, Minnesota, United States. The company operates more than 5,000 franchised locations in 50 countries. Gym facilities are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Anytime Fitness was the fastest growing health club franchise in 2014. In 2015, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Anytime Fitness first on its global franchise list.

5: Equinox.

A solar equinox is a moment in time when the Sun crosses Earth’s equator, that is to say, appears directly above the equator rather than north or south of the equator. On the day of the equinox, the Sun rises “due east” and sets “due west”. It occurs twice every year, around 20 March and 23 September.

More precisely, an equinox is traditionally defined as the time when the plane of the Earth’s equator passes through the geometric center of the Sun’s disk. Equivalently, it is the moment when the Earth’s rotation axis is directly perpendicular to the Sun–Earth line, which is neither tilted towards nor away from the Sun. In modern times, since the Moon (and to a lesser extent the planets) causes the Earth’s orbit to deviate slightly from a perfect ellipse, the equinoxes are officially defined as more regular orbits of the Sun.


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