Top 4 Water Bottles Brands of All Time in America

The world’s largest consumer demand for bottled water is in the United States. Today we will discuss about Top 4 Water Bottles Brands of All Time in America.

Top 4 Water Bottles Brands of All Time in America

Top 4 Water Bottles Brands of All Time in America

1: Voss.

Voss is a Norwegian-based bottled water from the village of Vatneström in Eveland Municipality, Agder County. Contrary to popular belief, the water is not bottled in Voss municipality, which is more than 400 kilometers (250 mi) from the bottling site. It is available in both still and sparkling forms.

In 2016, Reignwood Group, a Thai-Chinese company, acquired majority control of Voss. The President of Voss is Lisa Wang and the Vice President is John D. Schulman.

2: Ethos.

Ethos Water is an American brand of bottled water whose social mission is “Helping kids get clean water”. A subsidiary of Starbucks, Ethos began in 2001 when Peter Thum noticed a lack of access to clean water after working in communities in South Africa.¬†

Thum recruited his business school classmate Jonathan Greenblatt to join Ethos in late 2002. They began operations in August 2003 as a bottled water company, and also formed an organization called “Ethos International” to invest money from the business in safe water programs.

3: Essentia.

There is no empirical evidence to support these claims, nor are claims that drinking ionized water will have a noticeable effect on the body. Due to acid-base homeostasis, drinking ionized water or alkaline water does not alter the pH of the body.

Additionally, marketers have erroneously claimed that the process of electrolysis changes the composition of water from large non-bioavailable water groups to smaller bioavailable water groups, which are referred to as “microgroups”.

4: SmartWater.

SmartWater is a traceable liquid and forensic asset marking system applied to valuable items to identify thieves and prevent theft. The liquid leaves a long-lasting and unique identifier, the presence of which is invisible except under an ultraviolet black light.

In 1996, Smartwater gained a national profile when Clearys won the Prince of Wales Award for Innovation for the ‘Product with the Most Commercial Potential’ on the BBC’s Tomorrow World.

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