Top 4 real famous mafia of all time in USA

The top real mafia in America, some of the most famous gangster and bosses of century. Today we will discuss about Top 4 real famous mafia of all time in USA.

Top 4 real famous mafia of all time in USA

1: Johnny Torrio.

Johnny Torrio was  the Steet Gang Leader.

John Donato Torrio was Professionally Known as Johnny Torrio. He was born on 20 January 1882 lrsina, Italy. His Nationality is American and Italian. He was Died 16 April, 1957, New York, United State. His Resting place is Green-wood, Cemetery, Brooklyn, United State.

Johnny Torrio was an Italian Born-American mobster. Torrio Proposed a National Crime Syndicate in 1930’s. His Parents is Tommaso Carluccio, Maria Carluccio.

2: Al Capone.

Alphonse Gabriel Capone is Professionally known as Al Capone. He was Born on 17 January 1899, at Brooklyn, New York, United State. His very interesting Nicknames is Big Al, King Alphonse, Scarface, Snorky, The Big Fella. His Siblings is Frank Capone, Ralph Capone, Richard James Hart, and his Height is 1.79 m, His Wife is Mae Capone.

Al Capone was an American Gangster and Businessman, He is Known for Boss of Chicago Outfit, Capone was too ashamed to seek out medical attention for his “venereal diseases”. 

3: Lucky Luciano.

He was one of the top mafia.

Charles Lucky Luciano is professionally know as Lucky Luciano. He was Born on 24 November 1897, at Lercara Friddi. Italy. His Full name is Salvatore Lucania. Luciano Started his criminal career in the five point gang.

He was Died 26 January 1962, Naples International Airport, Italy. He was Buried in 7 February 1962, at St. John Cemetery, New York, United State.

4: Frankie Yale.

Francesco loele is Professionally is known as Frankie yale. Frankie Yale is Criminal enforcer and assassin played by Joseph Riccobene. He was Buried in Holy cross cemetery.

Frankie Yale
Resting place Holy Cross Cemetery, Brooklyn, U.S.
Other names Frankie Uale
Occupation Mobster

He was Italian-American gangster based in Brooklyn and second Employer in Al Capone.

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