Top 4 Helmet Brands for Bikers in America of All Time

All bike helmets sold in the United States must meet the same strict Consumer Product Safety Commission standard. Today we will discuss about Top 4 Helmet Brands for Bikers in America of All Time.

Top 4 Helmet Brands for Bikers in America of All Time

Top 4 Helmet Brands for Bikers in America of All Time

1: Nolan.

Nolan Helmets S.p.A. is an Italian motorcycle helmet firm founded in 1972 by Landor Nocchi, an entrepreneur in the motorcycle and car accessories sectors.

Nolan manufactures all of its helmet components in-house. Nolan also manufactures the X-Lite helmet brand as well as the Grex Value line of helmets for new riders.

2: AGV

AGV (the initials for “Amisano Gino Valenza”) is an Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer active in motorcycle sports. Founded in 1947 by Gino Amisano, since 2007 the company is a subsidiary of Dainese, which was taken over by Investcorp in 2019. The AGV brand is well known in motorcycle sport.

AGV manufactures a range of motorcycle helmets including full-face racing, sport, touring and off-road models to modular helmets, urban jet helmets and open-face cruiser designs using a variety of materials including carbon fibre, aramid, fiberglass and thermoplastics.

3: Shark

Shark is a French motorcycle helmet manufacturer based in Marseille. Shark helmets are known for their safety and meet SHARP, DOT, ECE and FIM standards. Although the company is primarily known as a racing helmet manufacturer, they also manufacture urban/street helmets for commuters.

Shark was founded in 1986 in Marseille, France, by brothers and former professional racers AndrĂ© and Robert Teston. In 1990, Raymond Roche won the Superbike World Championship wearing a Shark helmet, increasing the popularity of the brand. Shark’s XRC helmet was featured in Motorrad as “Helmet of the Year” in 1995.

4: Arai.

Arai Helmets Ltd. is a Japanese company that designs and manufactures motorcycle helmets and other helmets for motorsports.

The business has its roots from the turn of the century, including cap production, followed by military hats from 1930, industrial safety helmets after World War II, and finally motorcycle helmets from 1952.

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