Julian Assange: Is Free| Defence Committee| Will Be Free

Julian Assange: In June, Britain approved the WikiLeaks founder’s extradition to the United States, Today we will discuss about Julian Assange: Is Free| Defence Committee| Will Be Free.

Julian Assange: Is Free| Defence Committee| Will Be Free

Julian Paul Assange (born 3 July 1971) is an Australian editor, publisher and activist who founded WikiLeaks in 2006. WikiLeaks came to international attention in 2010 when it published a series of leaks provided by US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning.

In November 2010, Sweden issued a European arrest warrant for Assange on allegations of sexual misconduct. Assange said the allegations were a pretext for his extradition from Sweden to the United States over his role in the publication of secret US documents.

Is Free

Julian is currently held at Belmarsh, a high-security prison in the UK, based on a US extradition request on charges directly related to the publication of revealing documents as part of his work with WikiLeaks. Amnesty International strongly opposes any possibility of Julian Assange being extradited or otherwise sent to the USA. There, he or she faces a real risk of serious human rights violations, including possible custodial conditions that could lead to torture.

Defence Committee

A project of the Courage Foundation, the Defense Committee is a national coalition fighting to free WikiLeaks founder Julian .

Comprising human rights defenders, press freedom advocates, civil liberties lawyers, and supporters across the United States, the committee organizes public rallies, provides needed resources, and raises awareness of the unprecedented prosecution of Julian Assange and This threatens the independence of the country. worldwide press.

Will Be Free

Julian is another step closer to trial in the US, where he faces 18 federal counts related to his publication of classified diplomatic cables and sensitive military reports from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

The Fifth Estate is a 2013 biographical thriller film directed by Bill Condon about the news-leaking website WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks founder Julian (Benedict Cumberbatch) and an associate, Daniel Domscheidt-Berg (Daniel Brühl), join forces to monitor the actions of the privileged and powerful.


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