Drew Brees: Restaurant| Yards Career| Update

Former NFL quarterback Drew Brees was reportedly struck by lightning, Today we will discuss about Drew Brees: Restaurant| Yards Career| Update.

Drew Brees: Restaurant| Yards Career| Update

Drew Christopher Brees (born January 15, 1979) is an American former football quarterback who played in the National Football League (NFL) for 20 seasons. A member of the New Orleans Saints for most of his career, Brees ranks second in the NFL in career passing yards, career touchdown passes, career pass attempts, career pass completions and career pass completion percentage.

Brees played college football at Purdue, where he set Big Ten Conference records for completions, attempts and yards. Despite his college success, he was not selected until the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers due to questions over his height and arm strength. Brees struggled initially before having a breakout season in 2004 that earned him the Pro Bowl and Comeback Player of the Year honors.


The franchise expects to open more than 100 new locations over the next five years. There are walk-on locations in Orlando, Tampa, and Wesley Chapel.

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Yards Career

Rank Player Yds Years Tm
1 Tom Brady 87,571 2000-2022 2TM
2 Drew Brees 80,358 2001-2020 2TM
3 Peyton Manning+ 71,940 1998-2015 2TM
4 Brett Favre+ 71,838 1991-2010 4TM
5 Ben Roethlisberger 64,088 2004-2021 pit
6 Philip Rivers 63,440 2004-2020 2TM
7 Matt Ryan 62,377 2008-2022 2TM
8 Dan Marino+ 61,361 1983-1999 mia
9 Aaron Rodgers 58,042 2005-2022 gnb
10 Eli Manning 57,023 2004-2019 nyg
11 Matthew Stafford 52,082 2009-2022 2TM
12 John Elway+ 51,475 1983-1998 den
13 Warren Moon+ 49,325 1984-2000 4TM
14 Fran Tarkenton+ 47,003 1961-1978 2TM
15 Carson Palmer 46,247 2004-2017 3TM


Former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees gave quite a scare to some on Friday morning when he was at the center of an apparent marketing stunt that appeared to show him being struck by lightning.

Drew Brees played in one Super Bowl in his career.

NFL Quarterbacks with the most Super Bowl wins all-time:
  • Tom Brady – 7.
  • Joe Montana – 4.
  • Terry Bradshaw – 4.
  • Troy Aikman – 3.
  • Eli Manning – 2.
  • Peyton Manning – 2.
  • Ben Roethlisberger – 2.
  • John Elway – 2.

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